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What's the difference between Edge DJ and the other guys? 100% of our clients say the would hire us again and 100% rates us an 8 or better in overall satisfaction.

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It's a fact - sometimes what we want doesn't exactly match what we can afford. Although everyone would love to have a Premier DJ from Edge DJ, their wallets might be leading them towards something more affordable. Enter our 'Discount DJ' program!

We match our 'up and coming' and less experienced DJs with clients looking to spend less than Edge DJ's regular rates. Our clients win by paying lower costs and our DJs win by getting valuable event experience.

Here's our disclaimer. By choosing to participate in the Discount DJ program, clients must understand that there could be minor glitches. And, because each of our Discount DJs use his or her own equipment, it may not be the 'top of the line' stuff our Premier DJs use. In other words, in exchange for significantly lower rates, our 100% 'customer satisfaction' guarantee won't apply.

The other downside is that clients won't have the opportunity to meet their DJ before booking. But - you'll still enjoy the other perks of being an Edge DJ client such as our online event planning system and your very own request page at EdgeDJ.com!

It's a win/win situation! You, the client, will save money and our less experienced DJs will get valuable event experience!

Please contact us for more information about booking a Discount DJ!



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