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What's the difference between Edge DJ and the other guys? 100% of our clients say the would hire us again and 100% rates us an 8 or better in overall satisfaction.

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The biggest gift you can give to each other on your wedding is, quite simply, your love. BUT...the best way to do that (other than getting married, of course) is to tell the other, in your own words, what he or she means to you.

We'll record each of you (privately) answering questions like:

  • When did you fall in love?
  • How did you know he or she was the one?
  • What's the quirkiest thing he or she does that you simply can't imagine life without?
  • Why do you love him or her?
  • What do you love most about him or her?

We'll expertly mix your answers to those questions (and others) with your first dance song creating an incredible first dance. As you hold each other for your first dance as husband and wife you'll feel the love between the two of you. You'll see the love in each other's eyes. And thank-you (and every one of your guests) will hear how much you mean to your husband or wife in his or her own words. It truly is a beautiful thing.

Hit the play button below for a sample (3 minute song).
Please keep in mind that each song is as unique as each couple! You'll hear the voice-overs in the very beginning, middle, and very end of this particular song.

Your own Custom First Dance Song is available as an add-on for your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception package. Click here for package info.


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